Cob Light

Shop for Cob Light online from the comfort of your abode! You can easily buy your required lighting products online from STANJO. Explore our extensive product range to choose premium quality COB lights in a hassle-free way.



Quality Cob Light Online at Affordable Prices

COB lights are getting immensely popular these days for homes, projects or commercial lighting. We offer an extensive range of COB lights in a unique and modern finish. They are specially designed aesthetically to appropriately fit your false ceilings which will create a habitable environment and offer a feeling of warmth. With the advent of technology, it can offer superior lighting than other downlighters. They come with long life expectancies as a result of improved technology.

STANJO is a leading electrical supplier thus ensuring all our esteemed customers will receive branded and industry-standard products with 100% ASSURANCE. Rest assured that you will obtain ATTRACTIVE AND AFFORDABLE OFFER PRICES. We also provide special offers for Bulk Purchases. FAST AND SAFE DELIVERY IS GUARANTEED directly to your doorstep without any hassle.

What you are waiting for? PLACE YOUR ORDER FOR Cob Light TODAY! COB (Chip On Board) lights are a kind of LED light that you can easily position in any place as per your needs and it will illuminate for a long time. Whether you hold it or mount it somewhere or carry it with you anywhere- COB lights have got you covered. In addition, it enables you to change its direction and intensity whenever you need it as well as protect the setup for a long time. These lights offer a consistent and very intense beam of light. However, you can dim the intensity of the light and utilize accessories to make it softer.

Key Highlights Of Quality Cob Lights-

  • COB lights are highly consistent and practical. Comparatively, they are small which makes them portable to carry everywhere easily.
  • Easy to customize! Pick the right model that best fits your room décor in terms of colors and designs.
  • COB lights are inexpensive to meet your budget range.
  • COB lights produce bright light with no emission of heat which makes them more reliable.
  • COB lights ensure a consistent lighting effect with a powerful and reliable flow of light.
  • COB lights can cover a wide space and several subjects at the same time which makes it stand out from the crowd. You won’t find multiple shadow effects with COB.

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