Rope Light

Shop for VERSATILE AND COLORFUL Rope Light online! These versatile lights are perfect for various purposes from interior to exterior. Covered in plastic tubing, tiny rope lights offer a splash of color to your space. Rope lights are highly durable and easy to install. PLACE YOUR ORDER today at STANJO.



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Cost-efficient and energy-efficient rope lights can be laid on the ground, but they should be attached in some specific ways. You can use hooks or clips to fix these lights. Also, nails and zip ties can be used to affix rope lights.

LED rope lights are environment-friendly as well. LED bulbs are attached collectively inside a plastic tube that produces a series of lights to meet the lighting needs of a space. They can also be used as a decorative lighting device.

Wondering about the budget for rope lights? Rest assured that it will fit your budget range. You can buy your required amount of rope lights at the BEST PRICING RANGE from STANJO. We take pride in servicing the best range of PREMIUM QUALITY ROPE LIGHTS as per the industry standard.

Rope lights offer various benefits to the users too. It consumes less power. They are colorless when not in use. The best part is rope lights are more efficient as compared to traditional rope lights. Here you can obtain the best quality LED rope lights.

Application areas LED rope lights- Pole, tree, Cove light, home interior decoration, exterior, ba ckyard and so on

Color pattern– White, warm white, green, blue, red, pink, RGB, RGBW & RGBWW, purple, ice blue, amber, and orange

Rope lights’ connector: It is used to lit rope lights for any length (preferred up to 15m.).

Control: Rope lights are operated by a remote. You can dim them too.

Tips To Choose Suitable Rope Lights-

Length– Determine the exact length of rope lights you need. It depends on your space and purpose. Ask our experts for more assistance.

Wire Count– You can buy rope lights with a different number of wires to connect the bulbs. Also buy an external controller to create special effects and visual appeal.

Technology– Choose LED rope lights as they consume less energy, highly durable comparatively. They are safe and cool to use in different areas. It can save you money on your electricity. LED lights don’t need to be replaced often.

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