Led Strip Light

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Premium Quality Led Strip Light At STANJO

Led strip lights cater to the lighting needs of both indoors & outdoors. Our light products are versatile, top-quality and affordable for various applications. They are specially developed utilizing advanced technology under the guidance of our experienced and skilled professionals to ensure durability and high performance. It ensures a fault-free range of light that customers seek. We offer exact specifications and inexpensive prices to meet the market demand.

STANJO is highly recognized in this market for its exceptional range of light products in a short span of time. We can cater to the need for a varied range of strip lights as well as provide a precise solution to fit efficient energy needs. We are here to meet precision, competence and industry-standard quality.

STANJO has the vision to reach the global market as the most trusted Indian company in this field. We are always concerned about the exceptional level of innovation and quality. We are your one-stop solution for lighting needs at the best pricing range.

User-Friendly and Flexible Led Strip Light for Professional Light Setups

Voltage– LED strips are more versatile than other lighting counterparts. Most importantly, LEDs consume less energy to produce the same level of illumination unlike halogens or fluorescent lights. They can cut at any measure and work on 12 volts.

Variations & Brightness – LED strip lights are available in different variations such as Color Changing and Single Color lighting. The brightness level depends on your need, be it smaller and domestic or commercial usage. Easy to install and use!!

Versatile– LED light strips are shockproof and water resistant. They can be used in different places including outdoor areas and bathrooms that are exposed to moisture. LED strips can be fit in any tight space or narrow space conveniently, but this setup will make a dramatic mood and visual appeal. You can place them as furniture additions, stairwell, coving, etc.

Many industries are widely using these LED strip lights including retail and hospitability industries. Undoubtedly, our quality LED strips are a huge hit owing to their performance level, lower energy consumption versatility, durability, and affordability.

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